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    DIR-TSO-TMP-401. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-TSO-4035 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-401.
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    Software Products and Related Services

    What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor. Learn more about Software Solutions - Augmenting DIR-TSO-TMP-416 contracts awarded underTelecommunications and Technology Interpreter Services, Products and Related Services include ... Other applications as
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    DIR-TSO-TMP-401. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-TSO-4033 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-401.
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    DIR Posts Solicitation for Software, Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS), …

    DIR-TSO-TMP-225 Software, Including Software as a Service Products and Related Services. ... DIR-TSO-TMP-401 Case Management Software and Related Services . DIR-TSO-TMP-404 Value Added Software Reseller Products and Related Services (Adobe, Novell, and
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    DIR-TSO-TMP-401. Contract Status:. Inactive. Phone: (512) 475-5186. Spartan Technology Solutions, Inc. ... DIR-TSO-4045 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-401.
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    DIR-TSO-TMP-401. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-TSO-4037 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-401.
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    DIR-TSO-TMP-401. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-TSO-4036 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-401.
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    DIR-TSO-TMP-401. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-TSO-4034 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-401.
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    DIR-TSO-TMP-401. Contract Status:. Inactive. Phone: (512) 463-8989. Northeast Texas Data, LLC offers case management and related services through this contract, specifically: Case Management software. ... DIR-TSO-4042 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-401.
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    DIR-TSO-TMP-401. Contract Status:. Inactive. ... DIR-TSO-4040 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-401.