Texas Data Literacy Program

Data literate organizations and their employees make better informed decisions than their less literate counterparts, leading to improved business outcomes. The Texas Data Literacy Program aims to provide learning opportunities to help data users improve their data competency, regardless of their role within their organization.

The Texas Data Literacy Resource Guide (PDF, 311 KB) provides a menu of publicly available resources, such as publications, documents, and videos, on topics related to data management, data sharing, and open data.

The Texas Data Literacy Program learning series consists of courses related to different topics around data, including data management, data sharing, and data analytics. Work towards a certificate in Data Literacy Foundations by completing all courses in the Level 1: Foundations track.

What is available now:

  • Introduction to Data Literacy

Other topics in development:

  • History of Data Management and the Office of the Chief Data Officer
  • Data Governance and the Data Lifecycle
  • Data Quality
  • Data Privacy and Ethics 

If you are an employee of a state agency or institution of higher education, request access to the TDLP learning series here.

Please note, once a license to the program has been granted, you must register and take the first course within 30 days of receiving the license. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the license.

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