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    DIR-CPO-TMP-550. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-CPO-4847 Cybersecurity RFO DIR-CPO-TMP-550.
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    DIR-CPO-TMP-550. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-CPO-4849 RFO DIR-CPO-TMP-550.
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    Software Products and Related Services

    What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor. Learn more about Software Solutions - Augmenting DIR-TSO-TMP-416 contracts awarded underTelecommunications and Technology Interpreter Services, Products and Related Services include ... Other applications as
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    DIR posts Request for Offer for Cybersecurity Products and Services

    icon. DIR is experiencing delays in certain contract information being updated on the DIR website. ... DIR posts Request for Offer for Cybersecurity Products and Services. December 15, 2020.
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    Schedule of Solicitation Opportunities

    Artificial Intelligence Products and Related Services. DIR-CPO-TMP-441. November 2022. TBD. ... DIR-CPO-TMP-550. August 2021. TBD.
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    RFO:. DIR-CPO-TMP-550. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-CPO-4879 RFO DIR-CPO-TMP-550.
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    DIR-CPO-TMP-550. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-CPO-4882 RFO DIR-CPO-TMP-550.
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    Technology Services

    Cloud Broker. Miscellaneous as a Service (MaaS). Learn more about Cloud Services Contracts awarded under RFO-266 (DIR-TSO-TMP-266).. ... Resource experience levels range from interns to highly experienced. Learn more about IT Staffing Contracts awarded
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    DIR-CPO-TMP-550. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-CPO-4844 Cybersecurity RFO DIR-CPO-TMP-550.
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    DIR-CPO-TMP-550. Contract Status:. Active. ... DIR-CPO-4884 Cybersecurity RFO DIR-CPO-TMP-550.